Distinguished Guests,

Firstly, as the organizer of the “World Cadastre Summit, Conference and Exhibition” event, I would like to extend my sincerest welcome to all of the participants on behalf of the Turkish people and government. We, as the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, are honored to be inviting you and hosting this grand international meeting which will be held in Istanbul between the 20th and 24th of April, 2015.

In our globalizing world, land registration is of great importance for countries’ development. The concept of “Cadastre” forms the basis of land administration and needs to be better understood by nations and individuals. Because, while maintaining a secure land ownership structure the cadastre creates the new areas for better livable cities and environment. In order for countries to form modern property infrastructures for land management and to have ideal cadastral systems, the need for new and dynamic cadastral structures which are integrated with contemporary information technologies and has global values, is obvious. This is the reason why we planned to organize the “World Cadastre Summit, Conference and Exhibition”: to discuss Cadastre in every aspect and to adopt technical and legal land administration principles.

By this special organization, world’s leading scientists, experts, researchers, managers and public and private sector representatives in the field of Cadastre will come together and share their knowledge, thoughts and projects. And by this organization, it is aimed to create a mutual Cadastre vision for our common world and common future. We wanted to map our future together by sharing our experiences. This is why the event’s theme is designated as “Let us Cadastre the World...”

Within the scope of the event, along with keynote speakers, oral presentations, private workshops and training sessions, and a special “Summit” session will be held with participation of country representatives. Also an exhibition that will give the public and private sector representatives an opportunity to share their works and technologies will be open to all participants throughout the event. As an addition to the scientific program, participants will find an opportunity to closely experience Istanbul’s and Turkey’s extraordinary social and cultural heritage and values by social activities and will have unforgettable moments.

I would like once more to express our pride for hosting this extensive scientific event that will tackle an important subject as “Cadastre” in a worldwide scope and also for inviting you, prominent guests to Istanbul.

Kind regards,

İdris GÜLLÜCE, The Minister

of Environment and Urbanization Ankara, Turkey


Dear Friends,

Land registry and Cadastre service, today, is a dynamic chain of service covering services such as preparing source data for all kinds of planning and organization on the ground and underground, providing geo-data and displaying topographic structure, producing data that can meet the information need required for economy, law, statistics, management, planning and various different scientific researches as well as all kinds of contractual transactions related to land registry and register of immovable properties, to follow-up, and control changes on the registers, to ensure the protection of archive records and documents.

In Turkey, The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM in Turkish) has been carrying out its duty determined by the law in its 22 Regional Directorates, 81 Cadastre directorates and 970 land registry directorates, serving 20 million citizens every year as well as producing required basic data for many offices and institutions.

Although there are land registry transaction records since 1460s in our archives, the first organization of land registry in our was established under the name of “Defter-I Amire Kalemi” on May 21, 1847 and our institution celebrated its 167th anniversary under the name of General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in this year.

TKGM carrying out the mission of maintaining and protecting ownership and rights related to land. It has been fulfilling one of the most important functions of the state and playing a significant role in the service sector. These services have the quality of fulfilling the requirements of our county as well as increasing and changing demands in the international basis, finding solutions, amenable to the expected sensibility and credibility within the framework of laws, capable of using the recent technology of today. Many projects have accomplished within this framework since 2004 till today. It would be seen that every single project would contribute to the development of our country in the short, medium and long term.

Now we think that it is the time for all worldwide cadaster-related people should come together to share their very valuable experiences and create a network for a better mapping for our common future. As the organizer of the “World Cadastre Summit, Congress and Exhibition”, we also would like to welcome all of you and to give us an opportunity to show you our warm hospitably. Therefore, we look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

Yours sincerely,

Davut GÜNEY, The Generel Director

of Land Registry & Cadastre of Turkey