General Information For Authors & Presenters...

We are delighted to have received your contributions and your support to the technical programme of The World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition, which will result in a successful event. Below you will find some useful information for preparing your final full paper and presentation.

Submission of abstracts...

  • The submission of abstract has been closed..! Thanks for your interest.

Submission of full papers - instructions...

  • Authors getting acceptance for their abstracts must prepare FULL PAPERS based on follows:

Please use this template when writing your paper: WCS2015 Paper Template (.docx)

  • The number of papers is limited to a maximum of two papers per author.
  • Submissions that do not comply with this paper writing template will be returned to the authors for amendment.
  • Please note: Accordance to the guidelines the TS number and session title should be included in the footer, however since the technical programme is not published yet, the Summit Office will fill in the missing information.
  • The paper (with Copyright Transfer Form) shall be submitted in digital format (MS word–not PDF) to the Summit web page: If the author meets with any problem, please keep in touch with
  • Please include at the end of your paper all your contact details, including name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.

  • Receipt of your paper will be acknowledged electronically according to the time schedules.
  • When submitting a paper the author(s) agree that WCS-CE has the right to publish the paper in the conference proceedings (at the conference and on the WCS-CE web site); in the WCS-CE&TKGM Reference Library; and in the WCS-CE online journal (if selected for this purpose) without any other agreement or compensation. The copyright of the paper remains by the author(s).

Speakers' Preparation...

  • All Speakers are requested to visit the speakers’ preparation room at least 24 hours prior to the start of your session. There will be technicians waiting to assist you. You are required to have your presentation on an USB Memory Stick, CD-Rom, or External Portable Hard Drive, and the technician will download your presentation to the central system.
  • It is important that your presentation is named correctly so that it can be showed in the session. Please name your presentation in the following way; Session_ID_paperno_name_lastname.ppt(x)
  • Presentations must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/10 (PPTX) or the presentation converted to Adobe PDF format and saved onto a CD-Rom, USB Memory Stick or External Portable Hard Drive.
  • No own laptops are allowed. Your presentation must be shown through the computer in the room with your session. Presenters who wish to use their own laptop due to special software requirements are requested to check this at the Speakers’ preparation room.

In the Session...

  • In the technical session there will be a chair and a rapporteur. The chair will introduce you to the audience based on the information that you have included in your full paper. The chair will be responsible that all speakers in the session will have same time to make their presentation. He/she will also reserve some time for questions/discussion either after each presentation or at the end of the session. The role of the rapporteur is to evaluate the session. There may be some last minute changes that may impact the time schedule. Please follow Executive Committee of the Summit.