Themes & Topics...

The scientific program for "the World Cadastre Summit, Congress and Exhibition" will consist of summit, plenary sessions, sub-plenary sessions, technical sessions, and themed poster sessions. In keeping with the spirit of the organization title – Let us cadaster our world.. – the Scientific Committee is developing a program to highlight how cadastre is helping address significant environmental, social, and economic challenges facing our world.

The program will reflect diverse contributions from the cadastre and related community across the full range of natural and social science disciplines. The broad topics of the summit include:

3D-4D Cadastre, Land administration models,
Cadastral case studies, Land and property law arrangements,
Cadastral disputes and issues, Land boundary management,
Cadastral mapping, Land policy,
Cadastral standards, Land reform,
Cadastral visions and future of cadastre, Land surveying,
Cadastre and Climate Change, Land tenure,
Cadastre and land market, Land valuation,
Cadastre for land planning, Legal aspect of cadastre,
Cadastre for people, LIS - Land information system,
Cadastre for social development, Marine Cadastre,
Cadastre in a Changing World, Nature of Cadastre,
Cost-effective land transaction, Organization and management of a cadastre,
Designing land registration systems, Photogrammetry and ortho-photo for cadastre,
Financing and pricing strategies in cadastre, Property taxation systems,
Forest cadastre, Role of surveyor,
Geo-spatial techniques for cadastre, Spatial data infrastructure for cadastre,
Geo-information sciences Technical methods for cadastral surveying,
GIS - Geographical information systems, The role of cadastral in formulating land policy,
GIS for Cadastre, Urban and rural cadasters,
GIS for land valuation, Utility cadastre,
GNSS-GPS for cadastre, Web cadastre and e-services,
Information technology for cadastre, Other cadastral related topics...