Distinguished Guest,

The "World Cadastre Summit, Congress and Exhibition" was held between April 20-24, 2015 in Istanbul Halic Congress Centre with a wide participation. First of all, we would like to thank all of the participants all over the world who supported this event.

Two weeks before the event, which is a first in the world gathering 3327 people from 92 countries under the name of "Cadastre", the registrations were closed due to overcapacity. All of the prominent dynamics of Cadastre sector showed great interest in the event. Experts and academicians from this sector, private and public sector representatives, ministers, deputy ministers, undersecretaries, general directors, Cadastre agencies staff and their directors of the participating countries, students, non-governmental organization representatives, FIG, UNECE and World Bank gathered in the event.

During the four-day event approximately 150 scientific papers were presented in 30 different technical sessions. Especially in the 3 main plenary sessions, highly esteemed scientists and experts - as we call them “real masters” shed light onto the Cadastre's future. During the scientific sessions all of the aspects of Cadastre were tackled by theoretical and administrative practices, and especially different systems and technical works of countries were shared with the participants. The past, present and future of Cadastre were discussed in all dimensions in technical presentations.

Without a doubt, one of the most important part of the event was the special “summit” session which was held on the 4th day. Within the summit, with the participation of nearly 20 country ministers and 60 official delegates, a “Round Table Meeting”, which was chaired by the Republic of Turkey Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Mr. İdris Güllüce, was held. A 22-article "Istanbul Cadastre Declaration" was published after the countries expressed their views on Cadastre. A vast majority of the participant countries signed the declaration. Thus, with the great participation of the world countries in this event under theme of "Let's Cadastre the World", a global call was made in the field of Cadastre for the first time and the universality of "Cadastre" became as if official registered.

Alongside of the intense technical programs, participants enjoyed Istanbul through various social activities. Participants visited Istanbul's historical places and gazed into Istanbul's beauties with a Bosphorus tour. Throughout the event, great memories were recorded in the Congress Center, Istanbul and this great event turned into a success.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitudes to the world and all of the participants who made us proud by coming to our beautiful country and we hope to meet you in future events.

We wish that "Cadastre" will help bring peace, love and compassion into the world...

Kindest regards,


Chairman of the WCS-CE

P.S. All scientific presentations, articles, photographs, videos and speech texts will be uploaded to the “http://wcadastre.org” website within the shortest period (1-2 weeks).



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Distinguished Guests,

As the organizer of the "World Cadastre Summit, Conference and Exhibition" event, I would like to extend my sincerest welcome to all of the participants on behalf of the Turkish people and government. We, as the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, are honored to be inviting you and hosting this grand international meeting which will be held in Istanbul 20-25 April, 2015.In our globalizing world, land registration is of great importance for countries’ development. The concept of “Cadastre” forms the basis of land administration and needs to be better understood by nations and individuals. Because, while maintaining a secure land ownership structure the cadastre creates the new areas for better livable cities and environment. In order for countries to form

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The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey

Dear Friends,

Land registry and Cadastre service, today, is a dynamic chain of service covering services such as preparing source data for all kinds of planning and organization on the ground and underground, providing geo-data and displaying topographic structure, producing data that can meet the information need required for economy, law, statistics, management, planning and various different scientific researches as well as all kinds of contractual transactions related to land registry and register of immovable properties, to follow-up, and control changes on the registers, to ensure the protection of archive records and documents.In Turkey, The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM in Turkish) has been carrying out its duty determined by the law in its 22 Regional Directorates, 81 Cadastre directorates and
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The General Director of Land Registry and Cadastre of Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

We think, now it is the time to make a worldwide road map for the Cadastre itself… For the first time ever, this congress will bring together cadastral people, land administrators, politicians, scientists, investors, geo-data providers and GIS/LIS/SDI users dealing with cadastre from all over the world to share their ideas. Thoughts that related to any aspects of the cadastre proper for land-use people are welcome to the WCS-CE. Presentations should focus on the national and international policies, standards, methodologies, tools; and any developments involved with cadastral developments and new ideas and technologies. The call is also open for contributions that cover land-related functions in any part, intersection of phases, and/or integration of phases of Surveying, Geomatics, Planning, Land Management,
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Prof. Dr. Tahsin YOMRALIOGLU

Chairman of the WCS-CE

About The WCS-CE

"The World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition (WCS-CE)" is a high-profile international event attracting thousands of cadastral and related professionals and organizations from across the world. It is organized by the Ministry of Environmental and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey (TR).

The strategic intentions for "The World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition" are to engage with the dynamics of the cadastral sectors and their interfaces, including all aspects of cadastral applications with all over the world.

"The World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition" is a valuable and unique opportunity for the community of world-leading cadastral professionals to meet, exchange ideas, explore the state of the art and debate the key issues underlying the science and practice of the cadastre and all kinds of land-related topics.

The WCS-CE is expecting around 2,000 delegates and many visitors to attend this event. As a delegate you will improve your cadastral and land-related industry networks and increase your store of knowledge on the latest global cadastral-based developments, legal, science, technology and strategic issues. You and your organization will benefit from your attendance and the knowledge and networks that you gain.

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* Plenary Sessions in the World Cadastre Summit, there will be interpreted in Turkish, English, French and Russian languages simultaneously. Also, all of the Technical Sessions will be interpreted in Turkish and English simultaneously, respectively...


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